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Ziggy sterling silver pendant and long necklace made with African beads and Detroit Fordite

This jewelry piece is a beaded necklace holding a solid silver pendant named Ziggy. The necklace is made with colorful Fordites and African metal beads. Fordites are spaced in even intervals between two different kinds of African metal beads. The stringing was done with a round leather cord for body and shape. The pendant was cast in solid silver, originally from a wax carving design.

  • Weight: 67.6 gm | 2.3 oz
  • Pendant: 5.5 mm thick | 34 mm long
  • Length: 18 inches | pendant hangs 13" from chin 

This piece was made with a lot of energy. I was looking at my beads and pendants, attempting to match and "marry" them. It was as if the elements formed by themselves. I immediately knew the piece about to be born had a life of its own. I had a lot of fun making this necklace. The piece had many surprises as the elements seemed to match perfectly. It hangs well in the body as it looks wide and powerful to others. Fordites and African beads, go figure.

Fordite beads are an interesting piece of American history. They are recycled by-products left from the auto industry. Back in the day, they used to paint the cars by hand and set the guns; they would spray at a factory wall. After many years, a thick layer of paint had solidified into a glass. Someone must have discovered the treasure hidden in these layers of rainbow colors and carved beautiful stones and beads. 

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