Special Orders

  • Special orders are accepted on a limited basis. You can request an item to be altered or custom made by sending an e-mail or using the text window to discuss the detail of your special order. 


  • Special orders are usually limited to small alterations for existing work. Examples of special orders are odd ring sizes that are not on the menu, or small alterations to the design, or requesting a different finish. 


  • Unique creations of art work by request are not encouraged. In some cases exceptions can be made.


  • Any special order or request for special alterations cannot be returned or further altered. If you decide to place an special order, and is not satisfied or did not like the alterations you requested, NineAmulets cannot be made responsible or/and will not be responsible to correct these alterations or return the item. 


  • Special orders are the responsibility of the buyer.


  • In general there will be a fee of 10% over the original price for most special orders.  Higher fees could apply if order requires expensive materials or longer hours to be made. Buyer will be notified.


  • All orders must be approved and are subject to change before approval.


  • Once approved orders will be honored as discussed without further change.