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Smooth Disk is minimalist ring with an ancient flavor for the bold look seekers.

Smooth Disk Ring is available in both sterling silver .925 or Fine silver .999 alloys. Elegantly shaped like an ancient world warrior artifact.

  • Available in all sizes
  • Weigh: 11.8 grams or 0.41 ounces
  • Wall thickness: 

Smooth Disk Ring is a bit like the Warrior Ring but softer. Less edgy with a smoother outer ridge. Feels nice in your fingers and hands. Great for those who like hunky silver rings but not overwhelming. Nice and smooth for comfort on the inside. Entirely made by hand using wax carving and casting process techniques.

The idea of making this ring was to simply create a object of beauty, simplicity and style that resembled the ancient world life style. Nice to wear it by itself or in pairs or with other thin styled rings. 

This ring does have a little bit of an attitude as well. Good. 

Experiment with the joy of wearing this ring, and bring out your elegance and style. It adds a lot of charm to your persona that other will see in you. I hope you'll Enjoy!

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