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Peace ring hand made with sterling silver with a natural and organic style

The Peace Ring is a delicate and charming sterling silver band. One of a kind hand made piece not replicated or mass produced. Only this one exists.

This is a fun ring to wear. It has a unique and personal character that is with you every day. It has a pleasant and natural look. I named peace ring because of it's simplicity and why not.


  • size US 8 3/4
  • weighs 3.1 grams
  • thickness: 0.7 mm
  • with detail: 1.8 mm

    Handmade jewelry add personality to those who ware it. All the lines have their own characteristics. The creation of this ring was entirely random and not planned. This brings a breath of fresh air to our over industrialized and mechanized world.


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    • Ship within 2 - 3 days 

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