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Organic melted silver choker with green Arizona turquoise | hand made clasp

Sterling silver choker made from melted and fire formed with sterling silver elements. One off center green Arizona turquoise.

When latched, this choker measure 17 inches in circumference, or 43.5 cm. Weighs 28.1 grams or 0.99 ounces.

Green Arizona turquoise with a unique type of hue. Hand made latch lock that is pretty and as organic and rustic as it gets. This is a fun and playful piece made in the 70's with a lot of free and experimental art concepts. It tries to balance what is out of control into something of order. Shapes of silver are randomly placed and melted to form a new design. The fire is the designer and the jeweler stops when it looks right. It was a joy to make it and it looks gorgeous around your neck. I hope you enjoy. 


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