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Golden Sculptural Pendant with Tourmaline and Czech Beads Necklace with an Organic Design

Afromillus is a golden sculpture pendant held by green and pink tourmaline and Czech glass beads. Feminine and personal, Afromillus is captivating and attractive.

Afromillus is a love and fertility amulet. The pendant was cast in bronze with a gold-plated and matt finish. The pendant is 4.5cm high, 2.5cm wide, and 1cm thick. The necklace is 48 cm long from clasp to clasp and weighs only 37 gm. It is beaded with Czech green and pink glass beads interspaced with African brass beads. The necklace has a handmade “S” clap.

Afromillus is a sex totem charm shaped by organic lines. It is a sensuous golden pendant or a mini sculpture inspired by our natural human designs and the very stuff we are made of. Afromillus bring peace and harmony and wants you to find the ones you love. Afromillus strive for love, companionship, and compatibility in love. So, let the green, pink, and gold bring harmony into your life.

This bracelet is a unique creation by NineAmulets

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