Nine Amulets

1831 Solano Avenue, PO BOX 7580, Berkeley California 94707-9991, United States

Iron bullet pendant with necklace made of metal beads and green ceramics

Iron bullet pendant and necklace made with African nickel silver beads and large green ceramic beads.

The necklace total length is 19" (as laid flat on a table). The pendant hangs as low as 12" bellow the chin. The pendant is 1. 1/2 long and 3D printed on iron. The piece weighs 89.1 grams

This necklace is bold and has a solid feel to it. At the same time is graceful and natural with its light California ceramic green beads. The pendant is shaped like a bullet, or a long pine cone. I have the same pendant in brass and I named Pinole. The necklace hands It hangs wide over the torso lining up towards the shoulder. It has impact and personality when when people look at it.

This necklace is a unique creation by NineAmulets