Nine Amulets

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Sterling silver band with 14K gold facet inlay | reticulated texture | polished gold detail | thick solid band with a gold inlay

Sterling silver thick band with a reticulated finish and a 14K gold inlay. This is a hand made one of a kind silver band created with old fashioned filling, hammering and other bench work techniques.

  • Weigh: 6.2 grams or 0.220 Oz
  • Width: 5 mm wide
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • gold piece 5 x 3 mm 1/2 mm thick
  • SIZE US 10  (only one size available)

I have fun making these types of rings because they are always different and unique. There will be no other exactly like this one. The reticulation process adds a nice look to the silver and make it sparkle. Reticulation is another unpredictable process I love. All reticulation turns out different with different textures and intensity.

The gold detail adds a subtle  lively look to the piece. Gold shows itself even in a small detail. 


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  • Ship within 2 - 3 days