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Hand Made Double Loop Ring is a Thick Band with Two Fat Loops and Unique Design

This hand-made Double Loop Ring is a solid one-piece band available in sterling silver .925 or Fine Silver .999. A highly polished chunk of silver with rounded edges and a smooth inside. Two joined semi-round loops or rails. Unique design and a one-of-a-kind creation.

  • Weight: 20.7 gm  0.730 oz
  • Thickness: 3.8 mm  0.145 inches
  • Wide: 9.5 mm 0.37 inches
  • Ring thickness, weight, and width may vary according to size 

The Double Loop ring is a charming and elegant band. Sculpted from wax and cast in silver. Two rings in one.

Double Loop Thick Band has impact and presence. Feels nice and heavy to the touch, yet super comfortable for everyday wear. The generous amount of silver in this thick band will not disappoint you. 


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  • some restrictions may apply see shipping policy
  • Takes 3 – 4 weeks for order completion