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Triangular link sterling silver unisex bracelet

A bracelet made with solid silver triangular links. Not too heavy not too light. Striking silver shine. Beautiful up close, and striking from afar. Links flow like a chain but keep the form of the bracelet. Hammered texture on top and highly polish at the bottom.

Links are 4mm thick and 15mm 14 mm wide at the base of the triangle. The full length is 21cm but adjustable to 20cm and 19cm. Weighs 54.6 gm or 1.9 oz. Easy and comfortable to wear. Easy attach adjustable hook and loop fitting different wrist sizes.

The silver links of this bracelet were hand carved. There is no other shape identical to this one. When I first started designing this bracelet I wanted to create something using triangles but after a few trials I realize triangular shapes can be challenging. I didn't like the first links I made. I finally arrived at this design.

Didn't know how it would actually work mechanically. When the casting arrived, it took some head scratching to put it all together. When done I was pleasantly surprised. It has the exact flexibility and movement I envisioned. It feels nice and solid, yet fluid and flexible.

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