Nine Amulets

1831 Solano Avenue, PO BOX 7580, Berkeley California 94707-9991, United States

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Marcos Sá Rego

I began making jewelry in the early '80s with Marcio Mattar in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I moved to the United States in the mid-1980s, NYC to be exact. I had the luck of working for Robert Lee Morris in his SOHO shop way back in the day. Today I live in sunny California. I enjoy making jewelry, and the joy of working is what keeps me going. Jewelry can be empowering and not just a "vanity thing." When I create a piece, I'm doing it with someone in mind; I don't know them. But one day the two will meet.

My work is created for you and there is an emotion attached to it. There is a specific energy that happens to each piece. I believe the jewelry will find who they belong to. I like to work with various metals, silver, gold, iron, leather, and stones. It is essential that my jewelry complement a person's true identity. My work is constantly changing and never finished. I'm just getting started. 

unique silver ring

I love to carve wax models the old fashion way. Sometimes I use a computer to create some unusual shapes, but I prefer to carve by hand because it's simply more fun. When one carves by hand, the magic of creation happens easier. I like to meet the metal and the creation in person. Amulets are items people use for protection and power. Also, a piece that means something special to the wearer. NineAmulets.