The Art of Making Jewelry

01 May, 2022


Jewelry making is a satisfying art. Because what you make with your hand and inspiration will be worn by someone. It's like your art, and a person will one day engage in a personal and intimate relationship it may last a lifetime. That is cool.

Jewelry is not considered to be solely art. To a great extent, jewelry is regarded as part of the wardrobe. There are a wide variety and types of jewelry. Fashion jewelry, classical, expensive, and Body. Just about anything goes when it comes to jewelry. And the excitement is always linked to life and people.

There are infinite ways to create and manufacture jewelry. And the art of making jewelry and its final product and look has a lot to do with its various techniques. Therefore, our methods for creating jewelry pieces will determine how they look. Consequently, we are restricted to the tools and techniques we use regarding how we want our jewelry to look. 

Hand-made jewelry using hammering, sawing, and filing will produce a specific look and feel. On the other hand, jewelry will also look different if we use casting and other sophisticated processes. The best, however, is to combine different techniques to achieve the desired look we intend. It gets better, though.

We shouldn't be distracted by techniques. Instead, what matters is the intention and vision. This is an essential matter to me. Let me explain what I mean. Technique, in the end, is optional. The creation matters in the future because it is linked to our ability to produce what we had envisioned when we started. 

We can reach exciting results by accident brought by some technique or another. But if we wait for accidents to create art, we are working with something other than our inspiration but with a chance. In the end, the method seldom matters. For example, we can create jewelry using computer models, wax models sculpted by hand, or a hammer. What matters most is our vision as artists.

This vision always reverts back to people. When I make a piece of jewelry, I think of someone. Someone will wear it, and how will they see it? How will that ring or necklace contribute to that person well being? I also think of jewelry's effect on others impacted by the visuals they see.

To me, that is the most excitement I get from making jewelry. The techniques I use are secondary to this primary feeling of creating a piece of beauty that will be worn by someone, giving meaning to working with jewelry.



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