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Making Jewelry is all About People and Fun

20 February, 2023

A jewelry piece by itself is only half the fun; what makes jewelry shine is when the person who wears it, show it to the world. One complements the other creating a chain reaction of beauty and enchantment. It creates inspiration and motivation. 

Inspiration, is a combination of many things, some evident, others more elusive. Inspiration is being empowered by nature; inspiration connects us to something unique and makes us feel something. It transforms us and make our lives better in some way. 

It takes a lot of energy to create new projects of value. Sometimes, I put emphasis on working out, feeling strong, doing yoga sleeping well, and all the other good things we need in life. If I wake in the studio feeling tired, it is the sure recipe for bad results. Some people get inspired by a big messy bench, but that is not always the case with me.

Beauty comes to us in our pure and reflective moments, or we can also be rewarded with random accidents. Sometimes we induce these accidents. Sometimes a crazy messy bench will do it. These are the kind of moments when you just let go. Take a big chance and just do that cut, go a little deeper and take chances, risk screwing it all up but get lucky in the end. That, too, has its place. Unexpected results sometimes are filled with life and energy. People perceived that as inspiration; errors are a mark of being human.

The right mood is necessary to create fantastic results. When I feel energetic, well, and alert, it is much easier to have ideas and bring them to life. Sometimes we get there by accident, hard work, study, meticulous analysis, calculated geometry, and small miracles. So we must provide all the right ingredients and hope that inspiration hits us like lightning. 






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