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Ring with the star and the moon | crescent moon made in solid bronze with a unique design

This is a solid bronze ring with a star and a moon carved on its shank. This is a solid bronze ring. This is a unisex bronze ring with a shine that looks gold and does not stain easily like brass.

This ring is the re-creation of an old ring. A similar design was popular in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, during the 70s, and it was a massive hit with young people. However, the ring was mass-produced and had a cheap feel to it. Nevertheless, I was a big fan of this ring, and I promised myself that one day I would re-create the Star and Moon ring of my youth the way I saw fit.

A promise I've always remembered, and one day I just did it. So, here's my new version that is bold and solid, as I have envisioned. I hope you enjoy it.
The star and the moon are ancient symbols and have been used by many cultures and religions since the beginning of civilization. The star and the moon have been used not only in rings but in many other forms of jewelry. It can be seen as a Muslim symbol, but many other religions have used the same theme worldwide.


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