Nine Amulets

1831 Solano Avenue, PO BOX 7580, Berkeley California 94707-9991, United States

Tribal brass necklace stained yellow metal with large beads holding a thick charm disk

Tribal Brass Disk Necklace is a bold and strong necklace, with a raw and and unique look. The necklace is put together with compression fittings and some African beads holding the disk. The metal was oxidized and brushed for a grainy and antique look. The disk was sculpted in wax and cast in brass.

Weighs 128.8 grams or 4.54 ounces After tied around the neck, the disk hangs at approximately 17cm below the chin Tribal

 Tribal and ancient look and I love it. Most definitely only one made. I hope you do to. The necklace piece hugs nicely around the neck creating a unique and interesting shape. The disk aligns with the beads creating a cool effect. The impact is beautiful and powerful. This necklace is a unique creation by NineAmulets 


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