Nine Amulets

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Sterling silver organic design pendant and artificial coral beaded necklace and | Czech bead

This is a organic looking silver sculpted pendant held by a short necklace made with Pacific coral and Czech green beads. Tibetan style silver clasp. The necklace is short and the pendant hangs by the heart level. The necklace has 3 silver loops for size adjustments.

The necklace and pendant weighs 32.7 grams and is made with 3mm wide Czech green beads and Pacific coral. The pendant is wax carved and cast in solid silver and 3.5 cm high, 2 cm wide and about 0.5 cm thick

I named this pendant Podicyllus, an organic form and symbolizes life and energy. The name just came to me right after I've sculpted the piece. It just appeared in my mind and I could even spell it as if I knew it from before. So I looked it up. My google search didn't return anything right away but I kept searching. After a while I found a 300 year out or print old book in Latin, and in a certain page in this book that was the word podicyllus. Not sure what it meant because I don't know Latin, but I think it was something related to biology.

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