About me

I started making jewelry in the early 80’s with Marcio Mattar in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. Moved to the United States in the mid 1980's, NYC to be exact. Had the luck to start working for Robert Lee Morris in his SOHO shop at the time. Today I live in California and after a brief (actually very long) intermission, I'm back making jewelry and it was the best decision I've ever made.

I enjoy making jewelry and joy is my fuel. Jewelry can be empowering and not just a "vanity thing". When I create a piece I’m doing so with someone in mind; I just don't know them. One day the two will meet.

When you see a piece of jewelry and there is an emotion attached to it, the piece was made for you. There is a certain energy that happens. It is almost like the jewelry finds his or her owner.

I like to work with a variety of materials like silver, gold, iron, leather and stones. It is important to me that my jewelry complement a person’s true identity. My work is always changing and never finished. I'm just getting started.

I love to carve wax models the old fashion way. Sometimes I use the computer to create a few of my models but I prefer to carve by hand because it's simply more fun. Computers tend to be tedious but they are also interesting. But when one carves by hand, there is a magic of creation that happens, not quite present in computer modeling. It's like you meet your creation in person.

Number nine is my lucky number. Many important events in my life are associated with the number nine. Amulets are items people used for protection and power and they mean something special to them. I like to think of my jewelry in this way. Hence the name NineAmulets.

I spend hours and hours in my beautiful studio in California and I don't feel the passage of time, I just crank up the music and work. Looking out the window I see my garden and I feed the birds and feel lucky.